In the spring of 2018, two old friends, Philippe Stella and motorcycle professional Jeroen-Vincent Nagels, worked together on the Saroléa N60 MM.01 project in a small cottage in Cadaqués beautiful small coastal village near Barcelona. Outside work they rode vintage dirt bikes to fetch groceries and play around on the sandy roads nearby. 


This gave them the idea that a modern and clean interpretation of such a bike would be the perfect toy for a place like that, but it would also be the ideal alternative to small-wheeled scooters in larger cities, and so an idea was born. One year later, during the launch of MM.01 at The Bike Shed Show in London, Stella pitched the idea to Torsten Robbens, from Saroléa, while watching a mini dirt track race.


This took the whole thing to another level. Some experiments took place and the name Trevor was registered in honor of JV’s favorite British sportscar - TVR Rob Mitchell, from Saroléa, brought in John McInnis as the perfect guy to design the first full-electric Trevor dirt-tracker with knowledge from those test cases. In early 2020, John’s design of the Trevor Stella was ready and Saroléa began production. 

 The Trevor team grew in the meantime with Joop Wanten from The Mighty Machines and motorcycle professional, also from Saroléa, Greg Hauret-Clos.


Alongside the development of the few riding prototypes, a limited run of Trevor Founder Series was sold. 

Philippe STELLA

Founder & Creative director

L.A. (US), Cadaques (ES)

"Nothing better than hitting the mountain trails at 6pm"

Philippe is a multidisciplinary artist who lives and works in L.A. and Cadaques. He brings 19 years of L.A. cool and is also well known in flat-track motorsport and lifestyle circles. He used to ride a 2-stroke dirt bike and is lifestyle guru at The Mighty Machines.

Jeroen-Vincent NAGELS

Founder & Product director

Antwerpen (BE)

"No emissions shouldn’t mean no fun - that’s why we build clean dirt bikes"

Jeroen-Vincent is a true petrolhead and automotive professional. He brings more than 20 years of client experience improvement. Amongst his clients are Honda, Triumph, Ducati & Saroléa. Apart from riding daily, he is also crash tester at The Mighty Machines.